Timna’ Park

Timna’ is an important Old Testament times site for its copper mining operations. It is the current location of the Tabernacle model. It is not really a tell as other sites, but it is a large area encompassing many archaeologically significant sites. The Timna‘ Valley (Wadi Mene’iyeh) runs alongside Nahal Arabah about 30km north of… read more »

Tel Beersheva

Beersheva is intimately related with Dan in the Scriptures. It is one of the southernmost cities in Israel. In Biblical times, this was essentially the southern end of the kingdom. In modern times the country officially extends further southward to the Gulf of Eilat (or Aqaba). The modern city lies 3 miles west of the… read more »

Tel Arad

Arad was a major city on the important copper trade route. Because of its strategic location, many citadels or fortresses were built at this site later to guard the trade routes. Arad is located in the Negev east of Beersheva and relatively close to Masada and the Dead Sea. The hill on which it sits… read more »