Tel Lachish

Lachish is a key guard city for guarding the route into the Hebron hills from the Mediterranean coast. It has a strong association with both the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities. Lachish is located toward the southwestern end of the Lachish Valley (Nahal Lachish or Wadi Ghafr). [toc] Location     31° 33′ 48″ N, 34°… read more »

Tel Gezer

Gezer was an important strategic city that defended the approaches to Jerusalem from the west via the Shephelah. Gezer is located in the south-central Aijalon Valley (Ayalon Valley). [toc] Location     31° 51′ 32″ N, 34° 55′ 06″ E 646′ Elevation Archaeology Gezer is located at Tell Jezer (Tell el-Jazari). The tell is 33… read more »

Tel Beit Shemesh

Beth-Shemesh was a Levitical city to which the Ark returned after being captured by the Philistines. Beth-Shemesh is located on the southeastern edge of the Sorek Valley. The modern city of Beth-Shemesh is nearby, and that is 20km west of Jerusalem. [toc] Location     31° 45′ 1″ N, 34° 58′ 32″ E 768′ Elevation… read more »