Tel Beersheva

Beersheva is intimately related with Dan in the Scriptures. It is one of the southernmost cities in Israel. In Biblical times, this was essentially the southern end of the kingdom. In modern times the country officially extends further southward to the Gulf of Eilat (or Aqaba). The modern city lies 3 miles west of the tell. Beersheva sits at an important crossroads: Mt. Hebron to the north, the Judean desert and the Dead Sea to the east, the costal plain to the west, and Kadesh-barnea and Eilat to the south.

Tel Beersheva
Tel Beersheva



Tel Beersheva Location
Tel Beersheva


Tel Beersheva  Region
Tel Beersheva Region

31° 14′ 40″ N,
34° 50′ 28″ E

979′ Elevation


Beersheva is identified as Tell es-Saba‘ (aka Tel Beersheba or Tel Sheva). The main fortified Iron Age II summit of the tell is 2.8 acres. Beersheva was likely destroyed by Sennacherib in 701 BCE.

Occupation History

From the Biblical record we know that the Patriarchs lived at Beersheva, but their settlement was not substantial enough to leave archaeological remains.

Excavation History

Major Discoveries

Replica 4-horned altar
Replica 4-horned altar

Biblical Records

Noteworthy Things


Excavations of Tel Beersheva
Excavations of Tel Beersheva

What to See

The site is quite well excavated and very fun to visit.

How to Get There


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Underground water system entrance
Underground water system entrance

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